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Hey world. I'm Brittny; owner, blogger, teacher, creator, wife, mom, chef, chauffer, etc. of Homeschool Boy Mom.

I became a boy mom in 2009 with the birth of our first son. I became boy mom x 2 in 2011 with the birth of our second son. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would become a homeschool mom. Fast forward until 2016 when my husband started in the oil and gas industry which required traveling the country. We did not want our boys in and out of different schools and with my education background, we decided homeschooling would be the best decision.

I have done the research, tried many tips and tricks and feel fully confident I can help anyone just starting out on this homeschool journey or encourage a seasoned vet to keep going. I believe this is the best decision you will make to help your children grow for their future! I look forward to sharing with you everything I can.