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8 Reasons I Love Sonlight Curriculum

  • Literature-Based Approach
  • Comprehensive & Integrated Curriculum
  • Flexible & Adaptable
  • 4-Day Week Option
  • Christian Worldview
  • Support & Community
  • Accreditation & Recognition
  • Payment Plans
Reasons Explained

1. Literature-Based Approach: Sonlight places a strong emphasis on literature, using engaging and high-quality books to teach various subjects. These books make history come to life. I appreciate this approach as it fosters a love of reading and learning. 

2. Comprehensive and Integrated Curriculum: Sonlight provides complete curriculum packages that include various subjects in history, literature, science, math and more. The materials are carefully selected and integrated, saving me time and effort in planning and finding resources. I order once and have a full year's curriculum done and ready for us to follow each day.

Instructor's Guide
The Instructor's Guide includes 36-weeks of lesson plans for each subject. It takes the guesswork out of what you are doing each day. Open the planner and teach!!

3. Flexible and Adaptable: Sonlight's curriculum can be adapted to fit the needs and interests of individual students and families, making it suitable for diverse learning styles and preferences. This was very important when I looked at curriculum. My boys are 15 months apart. After speaking with a Sonlight advisor, they suggested teaching History and Science together. This saved me time and money! Win-Win!!

4. 4-Day Week Option: Sonlight now offers a 4-day week option to their curriculum subjects. This gives families a free day for field trips, co-ops, travel, etc. Here is another VERY important reason for us. We have done co-ops which usually take a full day and we were constantly getting behind on our work. We also like to travel and in Texas it's not usually a short drive to get anywhere. This gives us a full day without getting behind on any work.

5. Christian Worldview: Sonlight is known for its incorporation of a Christian worldview into its curriculum. This might be one of the main reasons I chose Sonlight in the first place and continue to use it each year. I want my children to know and follow Jesus. This curriculum makes it easy to incorporate our faith into homeschooling.

6. Support and Community: Sonlight offers resources, forums, and connections to a community of homeschooling families, providing support and a sense of belonging for parents and students alike. The best feature in my opinion is the Advisor Cart Check. This allows you to add items to your cart and send to an advisor to look over to ensure a successful school year. They will email you back with questions and/or suggestions so you never have to be worried you are missing something for your curriculum.

7. Accreditation and Recognition: Knowing Sonlight is accredited, gives me peace of mind that I am following a structured and recognized educational program.

8. Payment Plans: Ordering a curriculum like Sonlight, which includes all the books, workbooks, sheets, and instructor manuals can be expensive. They offer payment plans of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months to help fit this homeschool curriculum purchase into a monthly budget. Sonlight homeschool payment plan helps spread the cost of the Sonlight curriculum materials over several months at no extra charge; with no additional fees on qualifying orders. 

Ultimately, the decision to choose Sonlight Curriculum or any other homeschooling approach is highly individual and depends on the specific needs and preferences of the family and student involved.

It's essential to research various curricula, attend homeschooling conferences, seek advice from other homeschooling parents, and consider your child's learning style and interests before making a decision. I spent hours (and I mean HOURS) researching before choosing Sonlight. This site ultimately helped me in the end.  

If you are just starting to consider homeschooling, I wrote a whole post with a list of steps you need to do to begin HERE.

Thank you for reading. If you are a homeschooler, I would love to hear what curriculum you use and why in the comments.

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