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Kids CAN Cook REAL Food

Even though this event is over, you can still access Katie Kimball's classes by signing up for her Kids Cook Real Food eCourse. Your kids will master 30 basic cooking skills. They will learn to follow an entire recipe to cook a meal on their own! Life skills for the WIN!

Simply sign up for my email list below where I will email you a FREE lesson on knife skills to help you decide if this is the investment you want to make for your family.

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Do Your Kids Know Their Way Around The Kitchen?

Katie Kimball, teacher and mom of 4, has a live event happening this week that I think you'll definitely want to be a part of… and the best part, it's FREE! She'll share tips to supercharge your time in the kitchen with your kids, so the benefits go wayyyy beyond that couple-times-a-year family moment of baking sugar cookies together. You'll learn...

  • The Biggest Mistake Parents Make (when inviting their kids into the kitchen)...and how to avoid it.
  • 3-Step Process to Teach Kids ANYTHING (and apply it in the kitchen)
  • What brain science says about HOW to Motivate Kids to Help Out (and eat more healthy food, too!)
  • What Skills are Perfect for Your Child’s Age
  • When You Can Introduce Sharp Knives to Kids
  • How to Start (and supercharge) the "Confidence-Competence" Loop Discovered by Psychologists for your Kids
  • The Kids Cook Real Food system for helping little ones who can’t read truly make recipes on their own - this one is like magic!
  • How to Build Connection, Confidence and Creativity in your Kids - for Life!

SUPERCHARGE your baking this fall with brain science! Learn how to vault your kids beyond into REAL cooking - this presentation will make it a stress-free experience! Catch it LIVE on Thursday, August 10 at 1PM Eastern (10AM Pacific).

To Register, sign up for my Kids Who Cook newsletter below. Don't miss out! See you there.

PS - Even if you can’t make it live, you can still catch the replay so still sign-up below.

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