Kids Cook Real Food offers cooking classes at your own pace.

Katie Kimball created this program to help kids become confident and comfortable in the kitchen. Helping your kids learn how to cook is an essential life skill but it's not easy. Let her do the hard work with her on demand video lessons that will give your kids mastery in 30 basic cooking skills. Keep reading to find out more about her products and promotions.

Kids Cook Real Food Promotions

Holiday Baking Facebook 3
November 10 - December 31, 2023

What you get:

  • 7 professionally filmed and edited videos so that your kids can learn the foundational skills they’ll need to master baking (plus 2 bonus pro-filmed lessons and one from our kitchen with ninja baking tips!)
  • Healthy upgrades and encouragement so baking isn’t just adding to your waistline with too many treats in the house
  • Real kids in the challenge videos and live to inspire your child to try something new through positive peer pressure
Total Value: $35, CHALLENGE SPECIAL only $19!

Black Friday Sale

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50% off All Digital Products
Our “Black Friday” sale for 2023 will be 50% off all our digital products November 22-30! We’ve NEVER had a sale this big, and the eCourse hasn’t been available at this price in over five years.

The prices are with the half off discount - only good 11/22-30, 2023!!

VIP Level of Kids Cook Real Food eCourse

  • over 30 basic cooking skills
  • 8 classes with 5 videos each + additional intro video for adults
  • 3 levels: beginners (age 2-5), intermediate (6+ with beginner proficiency), advanced (8+ with intermediate mastery)
  • recipe eBooks written especially for children to follow
  • 250+ pages of PDF material/lesson plans
  • 24 "daily nugget" factoid cards
  • printable flash card set with fun phrases to help kids remember techniques
  • additional "Foundations 101" videos and PDFs
  • VIP level includes lifetime access plus bonuses like an additional 4-video class, extension recipe eBook, 3-month membership to Super Healthy Kids meal plans, private Facebook group support, full-length eBook downloads and more, and access to Kids Cook Solo independent cooking classes
Get VIP Access for HALF OFF ($75)
#LifeSkillsNow Summer Camps
  • All in one place
  • From vetted, curated camp leaders
  • Include actionable missions and an intentional focus
  • No ads!
  • No “next playing” to loop our kids in beyond an appropriate level of screen time!
  • Plus…I bet we have some surprising life skills you may never have thought to search up.
  • Video workshops from experts in their fields (many feature youth too, which is motivating for your kids!)
  • Worksheets for every workshop (recipes, checklists, fill-in-the-blanks — keep kids’ hands engaged during their short time on screens)
  • Bulk downloadable workbooks – get all the printables for each track in one place so you don’t have to go in and out of the lessons to print what you need
  • Download videos (great for travel!)
  • Offline tracker printable to stay organized No distractions in the private membership dashboard
  • Individual child accounts so each of your kids can track their own progress
Buy Season One $123.50/Season Two $148.50)
Healthy Recipe Thematic SkillLabs
Click Here to Buy Any of the Thematic SkillsLabs
healthy snacks
This set includes 3 Step-by-Step videos and full lesson plans for multiple age levels:

  • Homemade Crunchy Coconut Granola for our Beginners (age 2-5) with a grain-free alternative
  • Energy Bites (like Larabars) for our Intermediate crew (ages 6 and up)
  • Pumpkin Pie Bars and a science experiment at the Advanced Level (age 8 and up)
At Kids Cook Real Food, we’re never just about teaching a recipe. We always equip your kids to make any recipe they come across and ENCOURAGE the kids to experiment with flavors, try new things and make up their own recipes.

Healthy Breakfasts
This set includes 4 videos with 3 Step-by-Step recipes along with complete lesson plans for each level:

  • Five healthy breakfasts our Beginners (age 2-5) can make all by themselves.
  • Our Intermediate kids (school-aged) will make a Crustless Quiche.
  • Potato & Veggie Pancakes (Latkes) and Sausage Patties are on the menu for our Advanced kids.
We give kids the knowledge they need to start the day off right. They’ll learn that a healthy breakfast will give them the energy they’ll need for the day, and open up the POSSIBILITY of kids actually being able to make an entire breakfast 100% independently.
Slow Cooker
This set includes 3 Step-by-Step videos with 4 recipes & printable lesson plans:

  • Homemade GF mac and cheese in the Instant Pot for our Beginners (age 2-5) 
  • Intermediate and Advanced kids (school-aged) get 3 recipe demos:
  1. Instant Pot Lentils and Rice
  2. Slow Cooker BBQ chicken
  3. Basic Beef Roast
PLUS as usual, we pack in helpful tips to use in any family favorite recipe. And we give uber-practical strategies for kids without knife skills to adapt ANY slow cooker/pressure cooker recipe to make it themselves, no help.
Buy These Healthy Recipe Cooking Lessons HERE!
Weekend Breakfast Challenge
Access to 4 demo videos & 2 skills videos for kids of all ages (at your own pace)

  • Healthy breakfast that even little kids can make themselves
  • Grocery lists and step-by-step plans, just plug-and-play
  • Time in the mornings…priceless!
Buy this Challenge for 50% Off ($9.50)

Kids Cook Real Food Products

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Kids Cook Real Food eCourse
This is the VIP of cooking! Katie Kimball's curriculum breaks down 30 basic cooking skills into logical steps to help your kids become comfortable and confident in the kitchen. On-demand cooking videos helps your children learn when they are ready.
Sign Up for Less Than $3 a Lesson
"I have five kids ages 3-13 and this course is a weekly highlight for us to come learn and eat together! This is the kind of life skills family experience that is already easing my load because my kids feel capable and confident only 3 weeks in!"
Tracie Carter
"Gaining experience in meal planning, shopping, preparing and even hosting is a crucial home-management skill."
Lisa C. Homeschooling Mom
"I feel like a very competent cook, but I've never really taken the time to slow down and break cooking down into manageable bits for my kids. This is likely because we homeschool so I feel like I'm always teaching and have fatigued a bit by the time dinner prep rolls around. Thank you for coming right into my home and teaching my little ones good habits and skills so I can just reinforce them and cook with them. Now that they've got some basics down they've actually started taking initiative in other kitchen duties including cleanup and dishes. Who knew an online cooking class could do that?"
Tara O. Oregon
Add Kids Cook Real Food eCourse to Your Curriculum Today!