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9.4 Fall Bundle Autumn Treasures - Instagram
September 4th - 10th
Fall Bundle 9.4
58% Off Sale
This semester, why not try something different?

Fill your autumn days with unit studies and watch your kids’ curiosity skyrocket. We’ve curated The Fall Semester Bundle to fit perfectly with seasonal learning, including the fall holidays. Explore the topics your kids want to learn about with these easy-to-teach and ready-to-use Download N Go® titles–all while saving 58% off the price of individual studies.

Topics: 20 Interactive Fall Units

Grades: K-4

Length: 1-2 Weeks Each Unit

Price:  $259 

Sale Price: $150

Sale Ends: September 10th at 11:59

Buy It Here!
Autumn Treasures 9.4
$5 Flash Sale
Jump into learning about the season with Autumn Treasures.

Your children will discover why we have seasons and how animals in the wild use autumn to prepare for winter. They'll learn interesting facts about pumpkins, how Johnny Appleseed helped our pioneers settle this great land, and when autumn begins in the northern and southern hemispheres. From science to history to geography, let autumn make learning come alive! All for just $5 this week.

Topic: Autumn

Grades: K-4

Length: 1-2 Weeks

Price: $12.95

Sale Price: $5

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September 11th - 17th

9.11 American History DNG Square
40% OFF
American history is so much more than dates and events. It’s the story of the people and the values they hold.

Make history come alive as you study the Constitution, learn about famous Americans, and journey across the country with the pioneers.

Our American History Download N Go® Set will have your kids sitting on the edges of their seats. Get the bundle or individual titles for 40% off this week.

Topic: 7 American History Units

Grades: K-4

Length: 1-2 Weeks Each Unit

Price: $90.65 

Sale Price: $72

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9.11 American Government Square
$5 Flash Sale
Who exactly were the founding fathers, and why are their lives still the topic of debate today?

Why did they want to break away from England and create a new and different form of government?

Just exactly what was the “Great Compromise”?

And why was the Electoral College created?

Find the answers to these questions and more with American Government. This Unit Study Adventure™ title is designed so your whole family can learn together—sharing ideas and insights along the way. Buy this four-week study for just $5 this week!

Topic: American Government

Grades: K-12

Length: 4 Weeks

Price: $16.95

Sale Price: $5

But It Here!

September 18th - 24th

9.18 September 5 for $5
5 For $5 Each Sale
Did you know that September is National Save a Tiger Month?

Or that bread lovers refer to this month as Sourdough September? (Technically, it’s also National Condiment Month, but we’ll have to “ketchup” with that one later.😉😂)

Of course, we have the perfect studies for these special events—our Download N Go® titles Bountiful Bread and Terrific Tigers. But we’re not stopping there. This week we’re also featuring Amelia Earhart, Simply Soccer, and Rocking Robots—there’s truly something for everyone!

And this week, you can get any (or all) of these titles for just $5 each!

Topic: Various

Grades: K-4

Length: 1-2 Weeks Each

Price: $12.95

Sale Price: $5 Each

Bountiful Bread Unit
Terrific Tigers Unit
Amelia Earhart Unit
Simply Soccer Unit
Rocking Robots Unit

September 25th - October 1st

9.25 Unit Study Adventure Cartoons - Instagram
40% Off Unit Study Adventure Titles
The Unit Study Adventure™ series includes lessons for lower and upper-level students for the best in family-style learning. There’s something for everyone, with topics ranging from animals to holidays and from sports to space. And best of all?

This week all Unit Study Adventure™ titles are 40%!

Buy Them Here!
9.25 Crazy Cartoons
$5 Flash Sale
This may be our most literal “Flash” sale ever!

National Comic Book Day is September 25, so of course, you NEED to celebrate the entire week with our Crazy Cartoons unit study! Learn about the story of cartoons, animation, and some famous cartoonists. And even though this study is designed for K–4th grade, we think it's a topic everyone will enjoy. So set some time aside to enjoy this one with all your kids.

It’s just $5 this week!

Topic: Cartoons

Grades: K-4

Length: 1-2 Weeks

Price: $12.95

Sale Price: $5

Buy It Here!

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