PAST – Will I See You Tomorrow?

Did you miss the LIVE Event???

Well, no worries. Katie Kimball has opened her Kids Cook Real Food eCourse. And I can give you a sample of a FREE class of knife skills which can help you decide if you want to buy her full course. You can buy individual levels or invest in the LIFETIME VIP where you get access to all of the levels along with much more at a value of over $450 for only $150!!!

Another amazing thing is these videos become yours to download and use whenever you can. No rushing, if you have younger kids who aren't quiet ready to join their older siblings yet.

As a Kids Cook Real Food affiliate, I earn a commission when you sign up from my link. This is at NO EXTRA COST to you. The company pays me to promote their products. I would not promote them if I didn't believe in their mission to help kids learn how to cook.

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TOMORROW is the last chance to catch the live online event about getting kids in the kitchen with Katie Kimball of the Kids Cook Real Food eCourse! She’s a former elementary teacher and mom of 4 who knows her way around healthy food and has the neatest ways to explain basic skills to kids. She is sharing her secrets with us, the same ones that have helped over 8,000 families eat healthier food -- and I wanted to make sure you saw the opportunity!

LIVE EVENT: Thursday, August 10 at 1PM Eastern (10AM Pacific)

Even if you can’t make it live, I’d still sign up because you can get the replay. (Efficiency at its finest - watch it at 1.5 speed! Ha!) PS - Don’t worry, you can just sit back and watch, so you can totally be doing other things and no one will tell you to look at the speaker. 😉 Get your spot now so you don’t miss out! All you need to do is sign-up for my cooking class email list below. This will allow me to keep you informed about any other cooking events in the future.

Thursday, August 10 at 1PM Eastern (10AM Pacific)

As an affiliate, I may earn a commission from qualifying purchases made through the links on this blog post.

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