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Hello everyone, my name is Brittny, and I am a homeschool boy mom who manages this site. To learn more about me, please continue reading.

A little bit of background about myself: I grew up around 30 minutes to the southwest of Pittsburgh, PA. I have always taken a great interest in working with children, and my first experience in childcare was babysitting. During high school, I enrolled in an early childhood class, where I discovered my true passion for teaching. After graduating, I decided to attend Carlow University in Pittsburgh to pursue my teaching degree. I chose the school since they offered a program where I could graduate with a degree in early childhood, elementary, and special education. I graduated from the university with Magna Cum Laude in 2004.

After graduating, I used my early childhood degree to teach at a local daycare until I gained a position as an elementary teacher in Virginia. I moved to Norfolk, VA to take on the responsibilities of a 2nd-grade teacher. Afterward, I worked as a 3rd-grade teacher. While there, I got engaged to my husband (Dave), who is a former Navy Submariner. He got posted to San Diego, CA, so we started our married life there in 2007.

During our stay in California, I taught children of different ages at various daycare facilities. Our first son, D.J., was born in 2009, changing my life forever. Our second son, Cameron, was born in 2011. A few months later, my husband decided to leave the military, and we relocated to Pittsburgh, PA.

I juggled between different jobs, trying to earn a living. But eventually, we realized that it was more cost-effective for me to stay at home and care for the kids rather than working to pay for daycare. My husband found a career in the oil and gas industry as a pipeline inspector, a job that entailed frequent relocation we discovered later. The family had to move to a few places, including New York, where D.J. started kindergarten. Due to the frequent relocations, we started thinking and praying about whether homeschooling would be the best option for our growing family. After the many pros and cons considerations, we decided that homeschooling would enable us to provide our children with the best possible education. Check out This Post to read more about why I chose to homeschool.

Today, my husband, a senior integrity, and corrosion specialist, works for Atmos Energy in Dallas, TX, where we just moved to in June. We are now starting our seventh year of homeschooling, and we plan to use this blog to share our daily routines, tips, tricks, homeschooling programs and products, and other bits of the Homeschool Boy Mom life. Please join my e-mail list by entering your info below to be notified of updates delivered right to your inbox. Thanks for taking the time to read about me.

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